COVID-19 Changed the Health Sector - What Does That Mean for the Future?

25 Aug 2020

Executive Summary

This year’s Medical Technology Association of New Zealand conference explored the effect of two major drivers for change in the health sector, in particular their impact on the medical technology industry: the Covid-19 pandemic and the Health & Disability Sector Review 2020. The role of value-based healthcare (VBHC) in responding to these issues, particularly in relation to the effects on the procurement supply chain, was canvassed.

Four key themes emerged that will shape the future for the industry:

  • The Covid-19 crisis accelerated change in the health sector through increased innovation, cross-sector partnerships, collaborative problem solving, progress in digital solutions and increased awareness of the need for and use of data.
  • These developments align with the direction of change towards improved outcomes proposed in the Health & Disability Sector Review, such as greater national collaboration, reduction of service duplication and increased use of data and digital solutions.
  • The medical technology industry stepped up to be part of solution during the local Covid-19 crisis (by collaborating with the government and other stakeholders) and learned lessons that prepare the industry for future challenges.
  • There are opportunities to progress value-based healthcare (VBHC) as part of an innovative response to the ongoing global healthcare crisis, including in relation to supply chains for procurement of essential medical products.

These themes are explored in downloadable article below.

Article commissioned by Medtronic, written by Julie O’Brien from Healthy Communications,, and edited by Sue Hill.


Download HealthTech Week Paper MTANZ
(Adobe PDF) 258KB


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