Healthtech Week


1 - 5 July 2019 | Auckland

Medical technology offers a growing range of healthcare solutions that are critically important to every New Zealander. We invite all stakeholders of the sector to come together for HealthTech Week 2019 to discuss issues of strategic-concern and identify new target-areas for innovation, investment and growth.

New Zealand’s healthcare sector benefits greatly from the growing number of people who work across the broad range of Medical Technologies. Ultimately, all these stakeholders are focused upon providing solution-enabling technologies that offer healthier-lives for more New Zealanders and will also generate opportunities for economic growth through new exports.

HealthTech Week 2019 will host a series of events that will appeal to the many groups who are involved in this dynamic sector. All the events will reflect a passion to deliver a future that is accessible, affordable, sustainable and strives for clinical excellence.




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Minister of Health, Associate Minister of Finance



Accommodation bookings now open at Cordis for HTW 2019

18 Oct 2018

Make sure you secure your accommodation now.

Baxter Healthcare wins 2018 James & Wells MTANZ Innovation Award.

03 Jul 2018

Congratulations to all the James &Wells MTANZ Innovation award finalists and the winner Baxter Healthcare. We thank you for the hard work in submitting gold standard entries.

Hear Aashima Gupta (Google Healthcare) give her views on helping the NZ Health System

09 Jul 2018

Healthtech Conference Key Note Speaker Aashima Gupta is interviewed after her Key Note Speech to the HealthTech Conference.

Hear Dr Lloyd McCann's excellent local examples of Value Based Healthcare.

09 Jul 2018

Dr McCann believes Value Based Health Care is 'not rocket science' as shown by the excellent local examples he highlighted in his address to the Healthtech Week Conference.

Prof John Windsor summaries the NZ Research & Clinical Trials Opportunities Forum (Monday of HealthTech Week)

11 Jul 2018

Fifty delegates heard from experts on the state of the nation in regards to clinical trials in NZ. The forum concluded there was a need for coordinating body to ensure the opportunities are identified and acted upon. In addition there appears a shortage of skills and a gap in tertiary educational qualifications that are barriers to expansion.






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