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HealthTech Week Interactive Showcase

HealthTech Week 2023 is staging a MedTech Showcase interactive display on Monday and Tuesday, 26th to 27th June. This year, showcase displays will be exclusive to MTANZ members and Sponsors. All delegates are invited to attend and interact with our showcasers.

The objective being to provide an engaging environment for hands-on and clinician led interaction with Medical Devices.
Importantly companies who participate in the Showcase can invite customers and key opinion leaders to register for and visit the Showcase at no charge independent of the conferences.

Companies can choose to make appointments for their invitees or have them attend at their leisure over the two days.

The MedTech Showcase is proposed as representing the whole of the industry including innovations from CMDT and is thus a collaborative event. Giving free access to customers offers a great opportunity for face to face interaction and networking that has been missed during the course of the pandemic.

The MedTech Showcase is an interactive showcase designed to show a patient journey through the various stages of diagnosis treatment and recovery and how professionally utilised Medical Devices are critical in this journey. To clarify we are not necessarily following a specific disease as this could prove too exclusive. Rather we’ll position/group demonstrations where they sit relative to the patient journey. 
Participants are encouraged to involve clinicians in demonstrating to and guiding hands-on experiences with the stakeholders as they make their way around the showcase. 

For an investment of $1750 +GST (members only) companies will be allocated space and a table and have two staff registered for the show case (additional staff are possible at $250 +GST each).

The event is a stand-up affair, again to encourage circulation amongst the demonstrations.

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Showcase Pricing

Full Pric(excl GST)
Showcase Interactive Display
(MTANZ Members)
Full Day Showcase - Day One & Two (incl x2 showcase personnel registrations) $1750
Additional Showcase Staff Registration Full Day Showcase - Day One & Two  (incl. refreshments, meals and delegate collateral) $250


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