29 Jun 2022
Congratulations to MTANZ Industry Award Winners OBEX Medical and HeartLab
OBEX Medical's EchoTip Insight™ Portosystemic Pressure Gradient has won the Innovation Award presented by James & Wells at the 2022 HealthTech Week...
02 Sep 2021
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27 Aug 2021
HealthTech Conference Write Up now online!
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17 Jul 2021
Innovation Award Winner OBEX / The Insides Company
Phil Scott from OBEX Medical introduces the winning Insides System
17 Jul 2021
Manufacturing & Export Award Winner ESPlastics
Hillary Sharpe explains the winning VC Pandemic Ventilator.
22 Jun 2021
2021 MTANZ Innovation and Manufacturing & Export Award Winners Announced
Congratulations to this year's MTANZ Innovation and Manufacturing & Export Award Winners! Jonathan Lucas from James & Wells announced the winners...
16 Jun 2021
Hon Dr Ayesha Verrall to open Innovation Day during HealthTech Week 2021
Minister Verrall has confirmed to open the Innovation Day on 22 June 2021. She is going to welcome the HealthTech Industry and stress the importance...
22 Mar 2021
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14 Feb 2020
Videos of HealthTech Conference 2019 Speakers available free online
14 Feb 2020
MTANZ Awards 2020 carried over to 2021 HealthTech Conference

2021 MTANZ Innovation and Manufacturing & Export Award Winners Announced

22 Jun 2021

Congratulations to the two winners of the Innovation and Manufacturing & Export Awards and sincere thanks to our Awards Sponsor James & Wells!

MTANZ Innovation Award 
The Insides™ System

OBEX Medical / The Insides Company

The Insides™ System, a Kiwi-developed therapeutic intestinal contents (chyme) reinfusion system for intestinal failure (a severe condition where the body is unable to maintain adequate nutrition via the intestines) has won the Medical Technology Association of New Zealand (MTANZ) Innovation Award for 2021, presented at the Health Tech Week Gala Dinner in Auckland.

The Insides Company developed The Insides™ System, which is distributed in NZ by Obex Medical, to enable patients, health professionals and caregivers to perform chyme reinfusion in a safe and efficient manner.

MTANZ Manufacturing & Export Award
VC Pandemic Ventilator
ESPlastics NZ

Hamilton-based, ESPlastics NZ, received the James & Wells MTANZ Manufacturing and Export Award for its VC Pandemic Ventilators at the awards night.

The VC Pandemic Ventilator is a mobile ventilator designed for the volume controlled mechanical ventilation of adults, and children weighing with Respiratory Insufficiency. The VC Pandemic Ventilator is intended for use in a professional healthcare environment and in portable applications including field hospitals and spaces converted to deal with patients during a pandemic environment.

Read the full Media Release here


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