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Te Tītoki Mataora Network Day

The Changing Face of HealthTech

Monday 26th June 2023
The Great Room 4, The Cordis Hotel, Auckland. 

 Time  Session
 9:35 am  WELCOME
 Ian Town, Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health 

 10:10 am


 Implementing Health Technology Within the Community
 Daymon Nin, Whānau Tahi

 10:30 am  Morning Tea and Showcase

 11:00 am

 11:15 am

 11:30 am

 11:45 am

 12:05 pm


 Innovation in Healthcare

 Pacific Health Data in Aotearoa: Challenges and Opportunities
 Dr Corina Gray, Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health
 In this presentation, Corina will discuss some of the current data requirements and challenges associated with assessing and   supporting service delivery for and monitoring Pacific health equity. She will also discuss a range of opportunities to address these   challenges to ensure Pacific health data is meaningful and robust. 

 Tend Health
 Dr Mataroria Lyndon and Josh Robb

 Start-ups Can Begin Anywhere - Panel
 With many HealthTech start-ups now stemming from university research, the diversity of the HealthTech sector also means they can   start from anywhere - from clinical practice, community action, personal experience, or passion projects. This panel session will dive into   the experiences of multiple start-ups and where they began to understand the differing aspects, challenges and advantages of the   routes they have taken. Hosted by Professor Simon Fraser, Victoria University of Wellington. 

  • Sean Gray, Peke Waihanga - The Artificial Limb Service 
  • Associate Professor Christiane Theda, Navi Medical Technologies
  • Daymon Nin, Whānau Tahi

 HealthTech Award for the Best Translational Research Project
 The top 3 submissions for the HealthTech Award 2023 will be invited to present their work. This award recognises exceptional projects   which have the potential to make a significant impact on major healthcare problems, demonstrates innovation in concept, and has the   potential for translation and commercialisation. Winner announced at the Te Tītoki Mataora Forum Party!

 12:30 pm  Lunch and Showcase

 1:30 pm

 1:45 pm

 2:00 pm


 Conversations With the C Suite  
 Dr Diana Siew will sit down with Dr Brian Russell, tech entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the industry. 

 HealthTech Activator
 Andrew Clews, Callaghan Innovation

 Human-Centred Design
 Associate Professor Edgar Rodriguez Ramirez, Victoria University of Wellington
 Experience the power of human-centred design at our workshop. Discover how this approach revolutionises the development of   medical technologies by placing the needs and experiences of users at the forefront. Gain insights into empathetic design processes,   user research methodologies, and co-creation techniques. Explore real-world examples that highlight the value of human-centred   design in creating innovative and user-friendly medical solutions. Through case studies, we'll showcase successful projects that   considered cultural sensitivity and engaged Māori communities.

 3:00 pm  Afternoon Tea and Showcase


 3:30 pm

 3:50 pm

 4:05 pm

4:20 pm

4:40 pm



A reflection on successes and failures in MedTech translation
 Scientia Professor Nigel Lovell, University of New South Wales

 Scaling From a Sustainable Start-up
 Ralph Highnam, founder of Volpara

 Pharmac: What You Need to Know for MedTech Implementation
 Danae Staples-Moon, Pharmac

 HealthTech Investors - Panel
 Join us for a panel discussion with some of Aotearoa New Zealand's top HealthTech investors.

  • Julia Chambers, Return on Science
  • Scott McPhee, MQB Partners
  • Vignesh Kumar, GD1

 International HealthTech Trends
 Wendy Bao, Roche

 5:10 pm  CLOSING
 5:30 pm  Te Tītoki Mataora Forum Party
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm 
 Transport will be provided from the Cordis to the dinner venue as required. 


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