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WiHT Breakfast - Call Out for Change

WiHT Breakfast - Call Out for Change

$69.00 MTANZ Member
$69.00 Government/Academic/Public Health Sector/NGO/NFP
$69.00 Callaghan Affiliate
$69.00 MedTech CoRE Regular
$69.00 MedTech CoRE Students
$69.00 Standard Price
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Event Detail

The event theme is “Call Out for Change” and is structured as a panel discussion by three knowledgeable and experienced presenters with expertise in the health sector, technology, or diversity.  A member of the Women in HealthTech steering group will facilitate the panel and a series of 5 questions will be circulated to panellists prior for preparation for the discussion. 

The topic strengthens the message from International Women’s Day “Choose to Challenge” by bringing to life some current and personal experiences of the panelists that need to be called out for awareness and change. To explore this topic panelists will offer opinions, experiences and what they would like to change in the health sector and society more broadly. This also incorporates recognising their leadership and visibility they demonstrate. 

Networking time for attendees amongst themselves and with the panelists will be encouraged immediately after, with the main conference agenda commencing at 9.30am. 

This event by the Women in HealthTech group in 2019 (2020 conference was virtual) was very positive and highly engaging with an excellent discussion and sharing of experience from the panelists. 




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