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Date:  Monday 27  June 2022
Venue: Cordis Hotel Auckland, Great Hall 1

Learn about New Zealand’s own innovation in medical technology and the ecosystem that can support our vibrant sector from research, development, and commercialisation to market access.

Monday 27 June 2022 - Preliminary Programme subject to change

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08.30   08.45 Mihi
08.45  09.00 Welcome and Opening of HTW
09.00  9.30 Greg Shanahan - Health technology sector review
Hear from the managing director of the Technology Investment Network (TIN) on how the sector is looking. 
9.30 10.30 Lead talks panel discussions
10.30 11.00 Morning Tea & Showcase
11.00  11.30 Frank Bloomfield - NZ Success Stories in Clinical Trials
The director of the Liggins Institute will provide an update on the Ministry of Health-sponsored project to develop recommendations and a roadmap for a national clinical trials infrastructure in New Zealand. 


Sustainability in Health Technology 

      Jackson Rowland,
director of Ākina Invest, will discuss social and environmental impact.
12.00 13.00 Awards
13.00 14.00 Lunch & Showcase
14.00 15.00 Motivational Session - To Infinity and Beyond

      Kiriti Rambhatla
, director of Metakosmos, discussing Space radiation and microgravity impact on the human body.

      Lisa Brown, on surgery in micro-gravity conditions. 
15.00  15.30 Changes within the NZ MedTech System

      Kevin Ross,
CEO of Precision Driven Health (PDH) to provide a review of PDH and the next steps.

      Peter Hunter, Director of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, on the Medtech-iQ developments.
15.30  16.00 Afternoon Tea & Showcase
16.00  16.30 Jorge Serrador - Innovations from across the Tasman 
Associate Professor Serrador from Western Sydney University will discuss his latest work on wearables in healthcare. 
16.30  17.30 Listening carefully to the Clincian’s Voices in Innovation and new Technology Uptake during Periods of Significant Healthcare-Structure-Change
17.30    Welcome Function


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