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Date:  Tuesday 22  June 2021
Venue: Cordis Hotel Auckland

Learn about New Zealand’s own innovation in medical technology and the ecosystem that can support our vibrant sector from research, development, commercialisation to market access.

Tuesday 22 June 2021 - Programme 

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08.30   08.45 Welcome and Opening of Conference
08.45  09.00 NZ HealthTech Insights Report - Greg Shanahan, Founder of the Technology Investment Network (TIN) 
09.00  10.30 Commercial Collaboration
How medical device companies work with distributors to gain access to NZ health market.
10.30 11.00 Morning Tea & Showcase
11.00 11.45 Global MedTech Innovators* - Sarah Chang, Johnson & Johnson
Innovation in sustainability by a Global MedTech Company 
Sustainability as an objective within the NZ Health System is rising in prominence. However, while a worthy aspiration, sustainability in healthcare has a wide interpretation and can be difficult to define and execute.
As NZ imports 95% of the sector’s medical technology needs the impact of sustainability initiatives and innovations will manifest in NZ as the world adapts.
Local innovators aspire to export home grown medtech. Therefore, sustainability presents both an opportunity to innovate around and an entry level requirement for major export market sales.
Sarah Chang, Global Director Sustainability for J&J Medical is in an unique position to be able to speak to the conference both on global sustainability strategy and NZ  initiatives run in collaboration with DHBs.
11.45  12.00 Global Regulations post COVID-19 - Tara Creaven
Update on Global Regulations post COVID including a perspective on the first 20 days of the EU Regs
12.00 13.00 New MedTech Innovation
Emerging NZ Medtech companies will showcase their technologies and businesses. Alimetry- next-generation technology for gastric disorders, Zero-Cast- state-of-the-art fracture stabilization systems Exsurgo- a revolution in pain management technology.
13.00 14.00 Lunch & Showcase
14.00 14.30 10 Types of Innovation - Ross Pearce, Programme Manager Design at Callaghan Innovation
Innovation is difficult, and success requires a disciplined approach that is integrated across the business. Research has shown that there are 10 types of innovations that businesses can use, successful business will use 5 or more of these innovation types. Using examples form the MedTech sector, the 10 types of innovation will be discussed along with how businesses can integrate these innovation activities to optimise the value that can be captured from their products.
14.30  15.30 What is happening in the MedTech Sector? 
NZ Future Landscape for Market Access - Faye Sumner, CEO MTANZ
It is critical for innovative medical technology to reach the patient but many steps are undertaken to place a device on the international or NZ market. The future landscape for NZ access will be very different with the introduction of Therapeutic Products legislation and central procurement policies. Also, NZ is undergoing major healthcare reforms to the system that will change how healthcare is funded and delivered. However, there are some exciting initiatives underway to support NZ-born medical technology development and growth bringing the innovative ecosystem and support together.

Health Tech Activator - Andrew Clews, Head of Health Technology at Callaghan Innovation
 is an initiative to deliver advice, funding support, capability building programmes and connections across the Health Tech sector. The HTA makes it easier for Health Tech companies to find and access the support they need to turn their health innovations into successful businesses. 

MedTech IQ: Distinguished Professor Peter Hunter & Dr Diana Siew, Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Biobridge: Distinguished Professor Peter Hunter & Dr Diana Siew, Auckland Bioengineering Institute
15.30  16.00 Afternoon Tea & Showcase
16.00  16.45 Clinical Research Brought to Life
16.45  17.00 Wrap up and Judging of Awards
    Networking Drinks
18.30   Gala Dinner & Awards Night
*This session is live video link with East Coast of USA


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