Healthtech Week

HealthTech Conference 2019

Key Themes

Shaping the new regulations for medical devices
As New Zealand looks to introduce its own legislation for therapeutic products, it also needs to understand and use the significant new European Union regulations. There will be an enormous impact on all phases of the CE Mark process, including pre-market approval, data requirements and post-market surveillance. How can we draw on global best practice and not duplicate and disrupt processes here?

Industry outlook and insights
From precision medicine, connected platforms and apps to artificial intelligence, data and media, the future of healthcare is changing rapidly. As advances drive better customer experiences and adherence, patient outcomes are improving. How will New Zealand payers cover the next generation of healthcare? What insights can we gain into our own medical technology development?

The evolution of centralised procurement in New Zealand
New Zealand is committed to centralising health technology assessment, capping the funding and managing all national procurement of medical technology under PHARMAC. With no precedent globally, how can the industry understand this, and deliver the requirements of a single decision-maker? Can we achieve this while striving for better patient outcomes?

Innovation and value
The pace of change is growing, as are the time lines and complexity for market access in New Zealand. We have an enviable reputation for embracing innovation in medical technology. How can we preserve this culture, and the benefits that flow to patients?


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