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Date:  Thursday 25  June 2020

Join and hear from renowned speakers how COVID-19 has changed the health industry landscape and what are the mid to long term implications.

Thursday 25 June 2020

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10.00 10.10 Opening Remarks Faye Sumner, MTANZ CEO Live Webcast
10.10 10.20 Welcome - Erin Currie, MTANZ Board Chair & NZ Business Manager Olympus Live Webcast
10.20 11.15 Key International Speaker - Professor Scott Wallace (USA)

Professor Scott Wallace is a recognised international expert on Value Based Healthcare and previous contributor to HealthTech Week. Scott follows developments in NZ and Australia closely as Value Based Health Care principles have started taking root. He is able to bring an international perspective and examples to help guide NZ as the pace of change and reforms in health care increase. He will also answer questions on implementing Value Based Healthcare and Procurement in a post COVID world.
Live Webcast 
11.15 12.15 Local Speakers 
Shayne Hunter - MoH, Deputy Director General of Data & Digital

Shayne Hunter is uniquely positioned as having been at the coal face of the ‘tactical’ COVID response but has also seen strategic change as initiatives materialized in this environment. Shayne is going to share his view especially on how the digital and data health projects have been moved forward and the lessons learned from COVID updates on data systems.

Dr Peter Bramley - DHB, CEO Nelson Marlborough DHB 

While the immediate threat from the virus has receded the build up of procedures and treatments suspended during the lockdown, it is placing extraordinary pressure on already stressed Medical Device supply lines. Dr Peter Bramley has unique insights from a broad range of stakeholders and will give his perspective on procurement lessons learned from COVID. 

Sarah Fitt - PHARMAC, CEO

Sarah Fitt will focus on what lessons are emerging from the initial crisis response that could inform the post COVID landscape and how PHARMAC is planning it’s management of the surge in demand from the public health sector as deferred treatments are prioritised,  especially in light of the supply side constraints of the post COVID world.
Chandra Selvadurai - Managing Director Pharmaco ANZ
Live Webcast
12.15 12.50  Panel Discussion of Local Speakers (above)

The Ministry of Health, PHARMAC, the DHBs and the broader Industry united to "Fight Covid" and are now recalibrating efforts towards the recovery and catch up in diagnoses, treatments and elective surgeries. We will hear from key stakeholders what worked and how the pandemic has informed their thinking on reforms that loom for the sector.
Live Webcast incl
live and pre-prepared questions from MC
12.50 13.50 Break from Live Webcast – Optional Webinars  
On Demand   Andrew Slater - Telehealth Response to Crisis (Telehealth) Pre-Recording
On Demand   Gabriela Prada - Examples of Value Based Healthcare (Medtronic) Pre-Recording
On Demand   John O'Connor - COVID-19 Global Supply Chain Impacts (Deloitte)  Pre-Recording
13.50 14.55 Tony Alexander, Economist and Commentator  

Tony Alexander is one of NZ's foremost Economists and Commentators and brings his unique perspective and style to the HealthTech Conference Webcast. Tony will comment on how the post COVID macro environment is likely to impact NZ: NZ Economically - Where to now?
Live Webcast
14.55 15.05 Closing Remarks and Key Comments Captured throughout the Day Live Webcast
15.15 16.45 MTANZ AGM Members Only Live Webcast


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